The Jellyfish was born….

Ive been toying with the idea of writing my own blog for a while and run this past a few of my nearest and dearest who thought id be a brilliant bloggest due to my status’s on fb being sometimes very funny etc so im giving it a go.

I cant promise my blog will always be funny as life isnt always funny, but i can promise you it will be real, true and 100% honest even if you look and think no way that happened, erm yes, it did happen and it happened to me.

So my first entry is about how i got my name: Janey Jellyfish.

Janey bit is easy. My names Jane but im known to my closest as Janey. Mum gave me a short name to stop people shortening it into some random weird nickname. Mine decided to collect letters.

Now the Jellyfish bit. I did a status once, a long time ago so its not gonna be word perfect copy but it went along the lines of “That moment of sheer panic when you look into the water and see a jellyfish. Then realise you’re in the bath and its your bathmatt floating”.

Within seconds i had a worried/ laughing puzzled Stu texting me cos his partner Sarah was on the floor unable to speak in fits of laughter.

Stu “Typo” and Sarah “Doctor Bob” both came into my life when we were all 13. I love them to bits and they are always always there for me. They have a knack of turning up unannounced and always on days when i didnt know i needed them until theyre with me. Which suits me just fine cos. Some days i couldnt get by without running something past one of them.

The weekend after the status, both popped round with Bob’s kids in tow and all seemed to have pressing need to visit my bathroom several times. Didnt pay that much attention until after they’d gone and i discovered the jellyfish decorating my bathroom lol.

So not only do you have them to blame for my jellyfish name, you can blame them for this blog too….

3 thoughts on “The Jellyfish was born….

  1. Bizarre I was going to text you today to suggest you do a blog had no idea how that can set it up but you have done it yahhhhhh


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