Dog attack

I knew something was wrong. I was at dialysis and I just had a feeling something wasn’t right. So I text nick is my boy ok? He took ages to reply and came back with he’s ok. So I said are you ok? He replied I’m ok.

Short for nick but not much I could do. So I checked in on the child.  She was fine too. 

I finished dialysis and my transport was ready so I got on.  And text them both to say was on way.  Abbie then kept asking for updates on my progress.  This isn’t unusual.  This is part of my routine with her.  Dinner usually starts getting cooked , or my bath gets run or something equally exciting. 

So I text her I’m at the top of monkhams lane see you soon.  It’s less than 5 minutes from my house.  So we arrived and I’m banging on the front door.  If one of them is at home I don’t take keys.  And I turn round and see mum crossing road. 

I’m still banging and peering through letter box. When mums walking up the path.  Let’s go over mine she’s saying.  No. They’re in why aren’t they answering?  Then mum starts with the fatal words don’t panic everyone’s ok but….. there’s always a but isn’t there? When you here a but you know everything’s not ok.  …..Yodie has been attacked.  He’s in the vets.  My mind starts swimming with questions I want instant answers too. That’s where they are then. With yodie. Ok it’s serious if they are still with him. 

Then she drops the bombshell nicks been injured.  He’s ok but he’s in hospital being checked out.  That’s when I lost it. This is serious.   Nick never goes to hospital or the gp.   He says I do enough for both of us and he’s happy to leave it with me. 

I went into freak out mode.  I didn’t know what to do or say or how to act or anything.  My poor mum. She’s an absolute star in a crisis. I wish I took after her.  Mum asks if I want to go up there and I do so we head over to hers to go up when my phone rings. 

It’s nick.  he’d timed it perfectly.   Yodie is a nervous dog.  At home anyone comes in he’s fine after a few minutes but outside he’s nervous of everything. Even the wind in trees.  Today they went for their normal walk.  But the field was full of kids and dogs.  He had a five minute ball play but nick wanted to walk him a bit further as usually ball play is 20 minutes plus.  So he carried on walking down the river eventually doubling back and coming up by Bancroft rugby club.  They have a small forest area next to it so he walked through that onto the main road.  

Yodie was having a sniff abd nick turned round to pull him along when he said out of nowhere this brown dog was heading directly at yodie.  Instantly nick knew it wasn’t going to be goid and scooped down to pick yodie up.  

Yodie left back leg was dangling and the dog launched himself at nick and yodie grabbing onto the leg.  Nick was punching and kicking the dog. The force of the dog on yodie pushed nick over abd he landed on his knees still holding onto yodie.  He managed to struggle up and was still punching and kicking the dog who wouldn’t let yodie go. 

Three guys driving by all separately stopped to help.  And a lady called Ann stopped.  The guys managed to get the dog off and the owner arrived.   Full of sorry sorry sorry.  And carrying a muzzle in his hand. 

Ann bundled yodie and nick in the car and drove straight to the vets.  Ann is the only number we have.  We have been in contact with her. I believe this lady saved yodie life.  Without her they wouldn’t have got to the vets so quickly and yodie had lost alot of blood. 

Nicks concern was our boy.  He knew it was serious and he didn’t think to get the guys details in the rush to get him to the vet.  Ann said to me as she drove away she could see the guys muzzling the dog up.

The vet called about 7.30.   Yodie has barely any skin left on his left leg and top of leg/ groin area.  He’s down to muscle.  The keg itself doesn’t look very good and it’s very unstable.  He’s very subdued but was sitting up.  There is no internal injuries and no broken bones. 

This dog needs to be found.  This happened along Buckhurst way in Buckhurst hill.   Around 3pm on Tuesday 28th July.   If you know this dog or the three hero’s that stopped to help ley me know. 

Nick has bite marks on his face and all over his hands and arms.  He was very very lucky. 






One thought on “Dog attack

  1. I’m a member of Bancroft and walk my dog over there all the time. I know the forest path. I think my wife knows the Ann you mentioned. Don’t know the attack dog but our own dog has also been attacked by two terrier type dogs on the rugby fields. We’re with you and so sorry and angry that this has happened. Hope Nick and Yodie heal up quickly. Will look out for a dog with a muzzle but guess they won’t be back. Good luck. X


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