Dog attack update.

My boy is coming home!!!!! The leg is still not out of danger, but the vet said there’s not much point keeping him in when we can care for him at home.  We need to keep him calm and the wounds clean and he’s on more pills than me lol.  It takes about a week for the damage to come out so he will have a check up early next week.  Ge is only allowef in the garden on a lead.  Nicks already cooked him bones this morning lol.

Thank god for insurance.  The bill is in its thousands.

My blog yesterday had over a 1,000 hits. I want to thank everyone once again for their love and support.  I’ve been inundated by texts, in boxes and messages. Nick has been passed on everyone’s well wishes.  He’s my hero.  Without him and Ann the stranger who stopped, the outcome would have been so so different. 

Please continue to share and this one too.  We are still looking for the owner and dog and the hero’s that stopped to help. 

Once again the attack was on 28th July 2015 around 3pm.  It was by the wooded area next to bancrofts rugby club along Buckhurst way in Buckhurst hill Essex.  

The dog is described as large brown.  We believe it was a bull terrier breed.  Nick has looked at pictures and we believe it could have been an American pit bull or a very similar breed.

The owner or person with the dog was a late teen.  Black t shirt and jeans with dark brown hair.  Roughly 6 foot tall slim build.  Was holding a muzzle and leash.  Both came from Bush Road direction so could possibly live in this area.

Nick is healing well.  The face wounds have finally started healing and the swelling in his hand has started to come down. 

I have seen pictures of yodies injuries.  The bad ones are graphic.  I have taken the decision to release the less graphic pictures. This is a decision I have not taken lightly.  The pictures of the main injuries to the inside leg and groin area I will not release. They really are graphic and disturbing.  I’m realising the less graphic pictures as people need to be aware of the damage this dog has caused.   We need to find him and the quicker we can do it the better. The pictures are at the end of this blog.

Please keep sharing this blog. And any information on the hero’s as well would be greatly appreciated.  

If you have a weak stomach or easily disturbed please stop reading here.  

Love as always







2 thoughts on “Dog attack update.

  1. Hi please email me your details. I believe this is at least the second serious attack. I run the Bush Rd neighbourhood watch and can email lots of the residents. He needs to be caught!


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