Sometimes life takes you on a journey you don’t want to go on. But it pushes you through twists, and turns, highs and lows. 

Sometimes it crosses paths with others, going in the same direction,or completely different,yet your paths stay entwined, and years later you look back and are greatful for the cross in journeys.

Sometimes life throws challenges, gives you hurdles, builds walls along your path. Do you stumble? Do you trip and fall or do you knock that wall down, often brick by brick and carry on along the tumbling pathway? 

Sometimes life leaves you alone and allows you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Things people take for granted. Things that make such a difference when you are battling in other parts of your journey, that you can look back on and remember the immense happy feeling it gave you at the time.

Sometimes everyone takes anything or everything for granted. We’re so consumed with rushing and dashing, we forget the simple pleasures in life that make us truly happy. 

Sometimes I want to climb to the top of the greenest, tallest mountain I can find, look down in it’s beautiful rich green grass, covered in daisies, buttercups, dandelions, stretch out my arms, breathe in the luxurious beautiful fresh fresh air and live in the moment. Frozen In  time. Me and the air and being able to breathe. Freely.

Sometimes when you look back on life you think how on earth did I make it so far? How have I managed to fight so hard? To stay so strong? To conquer all those twist and turns, the walls, the hurdles, the challenges? 

Sometimes you realise that life simply wouldn’t be the same without certain people in your life. You quickly learn whilst hurdling who you can trust, who will be there. 

Sometimes you feel alone, the world is full of people, but it’s just you. No-one else.  No-one understands or listens, all going on their own journies. Like a blur rushing past you, whilst you sit and work out what’s happening around you.

Sometimes you need to rub your eyes, look to your side and realise that you aren’t alone. That that pathway you took 10, 20, 30 years ago, crossed you with one if life’s living angels, one that walks silently beside you when you need them. One that wraps you in love and understanding. 

Sometimes they carry you through the hard parts. Extend hands when the hurdles get too high, the walls too thick, they break it down with you brick by brick, and guide you through the bends and turns on your journey. 

Sometimes no words are needed, just a common understanding of love, life and appreciation.

Sometimes journies come to and end. You see the path getting shorter and shorter, harder and harder, tougher and tougher. But you know with life’s living angels you’ll be able to face anything together.

Thank you for being  on my journey and being my living angels 

Love as always 



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